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Environmental Psychology in Surroundings and Urban Environments


Received: 19 April 2020
Accepted: 23 May 2020
Published: 14 June 2020

Alireza Mohammadi


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The factors in creating a good feeling in a subjects surroundings, more precisely environmental psychology and its effect on people are the basis of our study in this paper. This article tries to investigate the use of environmental psychology in urban areas, the different factors that are involved and the effect of use on subjects exposed to it. In fact, the feelings about a location are created by things such as connection level, mental imaginations and the attributes related to that specific environment. This meaning has a root in cognitive experiences such as memories, culture, tradition, rules and the society and in another way its affected by outer components like smell, color, pattern and sounds. This shows us that the feeling of place is a complex structure of feelings and human attachments to the environment which is created by his use and the process of recognition. Its the everyday use that creates the description of place and location in our minds. A person attributes to a location his actions and reactions and their effect. These also create his further reactions to the environment. On that basis, backed up by many solid findings, this study tries to define the needed attributes and structures in an urban environment.

Keywords: Environmental Psychology, Urban Structure, Memories, Evolving, Mental Attachments.


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Journal of Practical Social Psychology
ISSN: 2783-2880


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