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Assessment of cognitive function in patients with cerebral malaria


Received: 23 February 2021
Revised: 28 March 2021
Accepted: 17 April 2021

Samaneh Homayouni, Nahid Shahabi

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Introduction: Cerebral malaria is one of the most common infections of the central nervous system. The disease is more frequent in children, several neurological disorders are included. Neurological disorders caused by this disease can affect cognitive function in children with this disease . The purpose of this study was to evaluate cognitive function in children with cerebral malaria and compare it with healthy children.


Methods: This cross-sectional study sample included children with cerebral malaria and healthy 7-12 years Sistan and Baluchestan. To collect test data revised IQ children Wexler (WISC_R), Attention test track color (CTT), the index of working memory Fourth Edition Wechsler Intelligence Scale(WMS), visual examination Rey and memory test audio Rey and for data analysis ANOVA test using out.


Results: There was significant differences between groups on measures of verbal Intelligence (p <0.001), performance intelligence (p <0.003), general intelligence (p <0.001), attention (p <0.001), working memory (p <0.001) , immediate visual memory (p <0.001), delayed visual memory (p <0.001), immediate auditory memory (p <0.001) and delayed auditory memory (p <0.001), respectively.


Conclusion: cerebral malaria can cause defects in cognitive function in children with the disease.

Keywords: cerebral malaria, cognitive function, memory, attention.


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Journal of Practical Social Psychology
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