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The Correlation between Personality Characteristics and the Life Expectancy among Teachers


Received: 23 February 2021
Revised: 28 March 2021
Accepted: 17 April 2021

Muhammed Ali, Ramazan Hassan

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This study aims to survey the correlation between personality characteristics and the life expectancy of teachers of Qatar cit. This study is a descriptive correlative research and the population consists of 351 individuals who were chosen by cluster random sampling. Data were gathered and analyzed through the use of two questionnaires of NEO-PI-R and Hallajians life expectancy questionnaire. In order to analyze the data the descriptive statics such as mean, and standard deviation were used. In the inferential statistics section, the t-test, and stepwise regression and correlation coefficient were used for data analysis. The statistical analysis results showed that a significant correlation exists between the life expectancy and the personality characteristics of teachers. The regression analysis and correlation coefficients showed that dimensions of extroversion, responsibility, openness, neuroticism and amiability have a correlation with life expectancy and except the openness they can predict the life expectancy. Studying the results indicate the importance of paying attention to the personality characteristics of individuals in assigning them to different careers specially the teaching career and it also indicates the importance of paying attention to the life expectancy of individuals in reaching the organizational goals. At the end some research suggestions are also provided.

Keywords: Personality Characteristics, Life Expectancy.


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Journal of Practical Social Psychology
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